Meet the IFNY Team: Dr. Marek Drozdz, President

Published on 01 July 2019
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Meet our team: IFNY wants everyone to know our amazing members!

Dr. Marek Drozdz is the President of IFNY, our fearless leader! He is currently working as a researcher in skin cancer biology at the Weill Cornell Medical College. His work there aims to develop a comprehensive understanding of changes in melanocyte biology that lead to perturbed signaling cascades and altered gene expression in the process of cellular transformation.

Before coming to New York, he received a DPhil in Pathology from the University of Oxford for his work with Professor David Vaux exploring links between the nuclear envelope and regulation of senescence in cellular models of premature aging.

Marek has a strong interest in R&D addressing needs for new therapies for old age diseases, including cancer.

Five fun facts about Marek1. What challenges are you dealing with right now?
I am trying to balance the rigors of an academic career as a post-doctoral fellow with creating opportunities for my personal and professional development spanning beyond laboratory bench work.

2. What are you currently watching on Netflix.
I love Black Mirror. I find the concept of the impact of near-future technology on interpersonal relationships and society to be a fascinating insight into how we are evolving as a civilization.

3. Who is your favorite superhero?
My favorite superhero would have to be Deadpool. He is an atypical hero as he maintains a relatable human side that endears him to me through his sarcastic wit.

4. At which store would you like to max-out your credit card?
The Jaguar dealership. I have always admired their vehicles.

5. Do you collect anything?
I have an extensive refrigerator magnet collection. I always make sure to pick up a new magnet when I visit a new place. It is a daily reminder of the destinations I have been as well as a reminder to continue exploring the world.

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