IFNY Event Recap: Digital Marketing Fundamentals Workshop with Vix Reitano

Published on 05 June 2019
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It’s no secret that in today’s hyperconnected world an effective digital marketing strategy can mean the difference between a wildly successful company and one that promptly goes out of business. As customers continue to trade in the physical retail store for the online shopping cart, building a successful brand has become one of the cornerstones for building enduring business ventures. This applies to healthcare and biotech startups just as much as to emerging retail and service ones.

With this in mind, IFNY teamed up with Harlem Biospace to initiate science entrepreneurs into the art of building a brand in by hosting a Digital Marketing Fundamentals Workshop last Thursday May 29th. The first-of-its-kind biotech incubator in the New York City ecosystem, Harlem Biospace is committed to building a community where innovative research ideas can be transformed into products that solve real-world problems, making it an ideal partner in IFNY’s quest to connect creative thinkers, foster innovation and promote collaboration between academia and the business scene in New York City.


Joining IFNY and Harlem Biospace to lead the workshop was none other than digital marketing expert and lifestyle curator Vix Reitano. After years of successfully building her own brand, Vix launched 6boro Social in 2015, a content-generating powerhouse that delivers unique campaigns with incredible results. As 6boro Social continues to grow Vix remains passionate about teaching entrepreneurs how to find their voice in order to maximize the potential of their companies.

Vix shared her insights in a relatable way that even the most uninitiated of entrepreneurs could understand. Throughout the workshop, several of the attendees displayed expressions of discovery, similar to that eureka moment in their research which had led to the creation of their companies. The air of creativity and innovation in the room embodied the missions of Harlem Biospace, 6boro Social and IFNY. As Vix closed the workshop with a last round of advice around building a brand, everyone in attendance clapped with a newfound understanding and left energized to building brands they can be proud of.

To learn more about IFNY please visit: https://newyork.inno-forum.org/
To learn more about Harlem Biospace visit: https://www.harlembiospace.com/
To learn more about Vix Reitano: https://www.vixreitano.com/
To learn more about 6boto social visit: https://www.6borosocial.com/

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