The Innovation Forum New York (IFNY) is one of 22 worldwide branches of the Global Innovation Forum, spanning three continents, and fostering over 10,000 innovators. Our mission is to facilitate meaningful partnerships between academia, industry and government. We provide a forum for members of the healthcare, engineering, life sciences and digital science communities to collaborate and network with entrepreneurs and investors in the public sector. Our multidisciplinary structure allows for the acceleration of technological advancement benefiting our members as well as society as a whole.

With a global network of young scientists, entrepreneurs and professionals, we aim to connect creative thinkers, foster innovation and promote collaboration between academia and the business scene in New York City. Here is a unique locale with many of the world’s top universities and research institutes. It is also home to the largest stock market in the world, the headquarters of fifty Fortune 500 companies and countless start-ups. This combination of academia, industry and entrepreneurial spirit provides a robust forum for innovation unlike anywhere in the world.


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