Meet the IFNY Team: Dr. Maite Sabalza, Business Development Associate

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Published on 31 October 2019
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Meet our team: IFNY wants everyone to know our amazing members!

Maite Sabalza is currently the Reagents Product Manager at EUROIMMUN US.  She earned her Ph.D. in Plant Biotechnology in Spain in 2013. Her dissertation work focused on the production of microbicide components in plants to prevent HIV infection. Maite then moved to the US to grow further as a researcher and apply her experience to the medical field. She started as a Postdoctoral Researcher at University of California San Diego investigating new treatments to inhibit human cytomegalovirus infection. Then she joined NYU, where she applied her research experience in virology to diagnostics working on the development of new diagnostic assays for emerging viral infections such as Zika and Dengue.

Maite is interested in the process of commercialization of new technologies and drugs. She is delighted to contribute to the launch of the New York branch of Innovation Forum in the fast-growing biotechnology sector in New York City.

Five Fun Facts about Maite:

1. What scientific technology are you most excited about and why?

I am very excited about organ-on-a-chip technology because of the combination of tissue engineering and microfluidic technology. In particular I am interested in its application in drug development. Organ-on-a-chip consists of recreating on a chip the functions of organs simulating a controlled in vivo environment.This technology provides a better model to test new drugs and better predict their systemic effects.  I geek out on most technologies, but I’m particularly interested in the application of quantum computing to life science research, particularly for vaccine development and drug discovery.

2. What are you currently watching on Netflix?

I am currently watching Peaky Blinders. In general I like series and movies about organize crime but Peaky Blinders fascinates me because of the cinematography and modern soundtrack for a story set in 1920.

3. What’s the best advice you ever  heard?

True science teaches, above all, to doubt and to be ignorant. This is a quote from Miguel de Unamuno that I apply not only to science but also to other aspects of life.

4. Do you collect anything?

I collect vinyl records. When I moved to the USA, I couldn’t bring all my records, so I started a new collection here. When I visit other cities I always look for vinyl record stores to buy new records that I can’t find in the city.

5. What’s the coolest thing you’re working on right now?

I made the transition from Academia to Industry around 6 months ago and it is going well. The coolest thing is interacting with different departments in the company and getting experience on different areas. For example, we are currently launching a new product and I am visiting customers to introduce this product and learn more about the market. I am also involved in defining the regulatory strategy as well as supporting the sales reps with scientific material to better understand the product.


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