Meet the IFNY Team: Dr. Gabriel Duran Rehbein, Marketing Manager

Thomas Coughlin, PhD Written by Thomas Coughlin
Published on 30 July 2019
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Meet our team: IFNY wants everyone to know our amazing members!

Dr. Gabriel Duran Rehbein is the Marketing Manager at IFNY. He is a physician-scientist currently working as a postdoctoral fellow in Memorial Sloan Kettering. His laboratory work focuses on the development of a novel real-time drug screening platform for primary brain tumors using patient-derived three-dimensional explant cultures. Before coming to Sloan Kettering, he obtained his MD from Universidad de los Andes in his native city of Bogotá, Colombia.

Gabriel is passionate about the possibilities at the intersection of life sciences research and entrepreneurship. He believes this will be instrumental in meeting the needs of tomorrow’s world.

Five Fun Facts about Gabriel:
1. What scientific technology are you most excited about and why?
I geek out on most technologies, but I’m particularly interested in the application of quantum computing to life science research, particularly for vaccine development and drug discovery.

2. What are you currently watching on Netflix?
I just got caught up on “Patriot Act with Hassan Minhaj” and can’t wait for new episodes.

3. Who is your favorite superhero?
Spiderman has been my favorite since I was 4, he taught me that even nerds can save the day if they do the right thing.

4. If you could pick up a new skill in an instant what would it be?
Coding: I’m very excited about the way in which computational advances are going to intersect with medicine and biology and would love to learn a little bit of coding.

5. Do you collect anything?
I collect quotes from things I read, I used to keep a notebook but recently switched to keeping them on my phone. The latest one is, “We are the creature that tells itself stories to understand what sort of creature it is” – Salman Rushdie.

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